Our shop started with two sisters: Monique, with a background in fine art and the history of the decorative arts, and Renee, with a background in science and a love for cooking. We were raised to love food, family, art, and the small daily objects that become treasures.  

Renee, in the midst of running a military household stationed overseas, has been unable to continue creating on her own, but has nevertheless remained an invaluable part of the shop's operations. You can follow her culinary adventures on her blog, and (like me) continue to hope like crazy that her beautiful jams and cookies will eventually find their way back to the pages of our shop.  

So that leaves me, Monique, sole designer and creator, to carry on with our shop's humble mission: to send beauty and deliciousness out into the world and elevate the quality of the small objects that fill our days. When I'm creating a new piece, I try to imagine how and when it will be used, by whom, and what sort of a story they're telling with it. Are we anticipating the birth of a new baby? A marriage? Commemorating a loss? Or will these be brought out in times of celebration, when we're surrounded by friends and family? Each piece needs to be unique, and beautiful, and as meaningful to me as it will be to the person who buys it.